J. Kinder explains, "Right after studying design, I became self-employed as a graduate industrial-designer, and ever since then, I have been creating consumer- and capital-goods designs for various companies.

Due to my fascination for yachts and my firm belief in being able to carry out pioneering work as a designer in the yacht industry, I designed a future-oriented control station for motor yachts as part of my thesis. As a result of these efforts, the design was awarded a “BRAUNPREIS” distinction.

Thanks to the resulting media publicity, a German yacht company approached me with the request to create a completely novel design concept for luxury sailing yachts. Based on this concept, five yacht units ranging from 19–34m were built. In the subsequent years, many of the key and highly-advanced novelties of these yachts were carried over by many renowned design engineers and shipyards.

"With this order, I successfully placed my first design piece in the yachting industry and established myself as a designer and as one of the first German yacht architects."