Design Philosophy

For a designer's workmanship, J. Kinder Designs has the highest level of expectations. Besides artistic design skills, a designer must have a profound knowledge in the following areas: technology (production and function), ergonomics (adjustment of the technique to the human being), psychology (spiritual needs and symbolism) and ecology (environmental aspects and natural resources).

Consequently, as part of the design process, all branches that were previously kept apart due to specialization, now converge together. In doing so, the designer must protect the freshness and individuality of the creative innovation from the constraints of the various branches, while still using them as a source for inspirations, ideas and solution possibilities which can be implemented into real concepts.

Design is the process which transpires in the minds of creative individuals. The prevailing maxim of J. Kinder Designs is to create product personalities which project an image of superb quality and evoke an emotional response.